Your Beloved Tree

Commission a Portrait of Your Own Beloved Tree

My specialty is making commissioned portraits of trees that are loved. So many of has a beloved tree, or several, of our own. Sometimes they are in our own yard, across the street, in a park, or on our daily walk or commute, or a place where we vacation, at our workplace. You don’t need to be the “owner” of your beloved tree – you just need to love it, and be able to get me a few photos.


The process is fairly simple. You absolutely may contact me before ordering the commission, and really, I very much encourage that. You may use the contact form to do this. One of the reasons to do this is to get an estimate of the time that it will take for me to get your Beloved Tree to you, if that is important to you. Another reason is to discuss the colours, if you are interested in any colours that are not my standard three of copper, gold, silver.