Ordering Your Custom Beloved Tree

You can order your custom Beloved Tree. To do this, please contact the artist using the contact form below. Essentially, you will provide photos for the artist to work from. These do not need to be beautiful photos but they do need to be taken from the angle you wish to show the tree, and there need to be enough details, namely, the main branches visible from the foliage, the outline of the crown (foliage) of the tree, and the bark. Not all of these details will end up in the final drawing but they will help the artist have details to choose from to create the best effect, that produces a beautiful piece of artwork, and makes you feel like you are looking at your Beloved Tree.

Turn Around Time

Turn around time can vary and can take up to 6 months, but generally takes much less time than that. If you have an important deadline to meet, such as to be a gift, please let me know.

Colour Selection

Or color without the “u” if you prefer. … I use specific pre-chosen colours. This is because the luster of the surface is very important to me. The colours that I favour (favor) are largely gently reflective. This gives as beautiful quality that changes slightly with the light coming from different directions. For example, if the wood of the tree (the trunk, branches and twigs) are done in copper, and the foliage and the wood of the tree (trunk, branches, twigs) can reflect the light slightly differently and thus create a subtle 3-D effect when examined at different angles from the light source. These are very special art materials that create this effect and I make my selection based upon this quality as well as the archival fade-resistance of the colour. Different colours achieve this effect to different degrees.  Of course, you may choose the colour. If the piece is to contain multiple trees, it might be best if we have that discussion together. I would be happy to talk about what would work nicely.